Dental Office Technology

Custom design and installation of surveillance, A/V, Access Control.


Ulloa Dental Center – Los Portales Office

IT’Z Networks has helped many businesses overcome their challenges by providing solutions that are not only affordable but which result in increased efficiency and cost savings for the client. 
The Challenge: Ulloa Dental Center needed to relocate and upgrade their dental office. With technology being a key part of every dental office, UDC needed a company that could assist them in providing the technology install for a dental office. From procurement to installation the client needed a company they could trust to finish the job with their demanding schedules.
Solution:IT’Z Networks experience and familiarity with technology in the dental offices made us an ideal candidate for the job. We started by evaluating their goals and design, we became the administrators for all their technology needs, ranging from choosing the internet and telephone providers to implementation of paperless technology, network cabling installation, security cameras installation, server deployment and configuration, we also provided installation of touch screen monitors into all their operatories to facilitate fast data entry of their patients!

Category: Health-Care

Date: 2009

Client: Dr. Braulio Ulloa

Place: San Francisco, CA