We are professional AV Entertainment Systems Installers


We can install your Home or Commercial TVs, Projectors and Home Theater System. We can set up your audio and video products, connect them all to a broadband network and much more.

We recommend Whole House Music Systems, wired or wireless, this provides the ability to listen to your music anywhere in the home or business and allow a variety music to be played in different zones throughout your premises. Our Whole House/Business Music Systems can be designed and built according to your needs.


The true nature of a Home Theater System is the Audio Installation. A Home Audio System involving three or more speakers, positioned properly, has the effect of surrounding the listener so as to create a more realistic movie theater experience. Hence the term Surround Sound. There are delicate subtleties in the acoustics of all motion pictures waiting to be unlocked by your professionally installed Surround Sound System.


We can professionally install speakers for residential or commercial businesses, exterior, In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great solution for all kind of environments.

Almost all in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have paintable grilles, so you can camouflage them in your walls or ceiling.



Imagine having hi-fi music in every room of your home with nothing more than an elegant wall-mounted keypad and virtually invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speakers showing.

Whole house audio/video refers to a centralized audio/video system that pipes music and video/cable signals throughout the home. Because the system is centralized, the only components present in each room are speakers and TV screens.

Control of the system is made through a handheld remote or wall mounted control panels. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive rack system. From recessed speaker systems to acoustically engineered configurations and innovative iPod integration, Internet radio, and CD management systems, we can configure an audio/video solution for any lifestyle.